In May of 2021, the low Department of Public Health adjusted its guidance to recommend that schools and childcare settings approach COVID-19 like other child illnesses. IDPH Guidance for Childhood Illnesses Our continued mitigation strategies are outlined below in an effort to maintain the health of our staff and students. These efforts may continue to be modified throughout the year. Changes to the plan will be determined by administration with notice of the changes provided to the Board. Return to Learn PK-12 Prevention • Consult with Healthcare Providers for vaccination information. Masks will be available for use in all district buildings. Hand sanitizer will be available for use in all district buildings. Health & Wellbeing • Students and staff should stay home when they are sick. Nurses will send symptomatic students home and may recommend testing. Parents should let someone in the health office know if your student tests positive. We recommend that families consider quarantining those household members who are not vaccinated and/or vaccinated members showing symptoms. When a student or staff member tests positive, they will be expected to follow their Healthcare Provider's directions. If the student or staff member took a home test that was positive, they will be expected to follow current isolation protocols (5 days). Individuals are able to return after 5 days (from the onset of symptoms) as long as they are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic with improving symptoms and fever free for 24 hours. Upon return, individuals will be expected to wear a mask for the next 5 days. Communication • Notification of cases will follow local public health guidance. A staffing shortage, COVID-related, or otherwise, could result in a temporary closure of one or more classrooms, schools, or the district.