Driving Permit

Knoxville High School Administration holds a group meeting during the summer to certify student school permits.  A student must live one mile from the high school to qualify.  If you and your student wish to receive a school permit, you need to
1) attend a meeting with the KHS Principal(s) and
2) have completed driver education by July 15th this summer.  

  • A group school permit meeting was held on July 15th
  • If you were unable to attend that session, please contact Natasha in the KHS office to schedule appointment.

At the start of the meeting, we will hand out Iowa Minor School License information and go over guidelines for students that have their school permits.  After that, we will check the one-mile requirement for each student and sign the Affidavit for School License.  

â–ºKnoxville Community School District's Board Policy on Student Permits