From the School Nurse

Health items needed to start the school year

What a crazy spring! Summer feels like it’s here and yet there’s lots of planning in place for next school year including student health requirements! NOW is the time to schedule physicals, dental appointments, eye exams and immunization updates. 

Here are some highlights of various requirements for fall:

Will you have students in the following grades in the Fall 2020? If so, here’s what they’ll need:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: preschool immunizations updates may be needed; physical
  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten immunization updates required, lead screening, physical, eye exam, dental exam
  • 3rd graders: eye exam
  • 7th graders: immunization update of Tdap and Meningococcal required
  • 9th graders: dental exam
  • 12th graders: immunization update of 2nd dose of Meningococcal required, or one dose after age 16 years.

Find forms and information on our School Nurse web page.

Need immunizations? Call your health care provider or Marion County Public Health 828-2238. If you’d like help reviewing your child’s immunization record to determine what they need for the fall, call me and I’ll be glad to review it for you. Email me at