KMS Guidance: Our Mission

The mission of the Knoxville Community School District professional school counseling program is to create a culture of excellence by implementing a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program focused on academic, career, and social/emotional skills for every student.  The caring community of counselors, teachers, administrators, families, and community assists all students as they become 21st century leaders, lifelong learners, citizens, and problem solvers.

Services Provided

Classroom Guidance (Life Skills)
Each grade level is required to take Life Skills. A class taught by Mrs. Sass and Ms. Smith that covers academics, career exploration, and personal/social development.

Example Classroom Topics
Identity, respecting yourself and others, goal setting, career exploration, setting boundaries, bullying, conflict resolution and more.

Small Group Counseling
Students can be recommended or request to join small group counseling on specific subjects. These groups are typically 4-6 students of a similar age dealing with a similar situation.

Example Small Group Counseling Topics
Friendship, self-esteem, family dynamics, personal hygiene, study skills, controlling emotions, new to school and more.

Individual Counseling
Students request or are recommended by a teacher or parent to meet with the school counselor on a scheduled basis for one-on-one counseling about specific needs.

What do we do as School Counselors?

According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), school counselors create comprehensive school counseling programs that focus on student outcomes, teach student competencies and are delivered with identified professional competencies.

For middle school students, this means the school counselor focuses on academic growth, personal social and emotional development, and future career readiness. School counselors create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing areas of potential growth and change for their lives.

As the school counselors, we hold confidential sessions with the students, unless a student is threatening harm to themselves or others, or if someone is harming them. We ask that you respect this private and professional relationship, although guardians do have the right to ask about sessions with minors. This allows students to be open and honest with the school counselor.

Students are welcome to come see us at any time!  We also hope to talk with parents regularly about any interests or concerns they may have.

Angela Nelson

Student Services Coordinator

Corrie Sass

School Counselor

Extracurricular:   -7th Grade Asst Volleyball Coach  -GSA Sponsor ...

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Heather Smith

School Counselor

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