March 3 2021 (KHS)

March 3 2021 (KHS)


March 3, 2021  A-Day                       

                       PANTHER PRIDE FOCAL POINT 

Often people think they need to GET something. The truth is we don’t need anything, as we already have what we need. Trouble arises when we think we have to keep every bit of what we have.Try to think of this though, much of what we have is not for keeping, it is for giving. And when you give, you get. Deep down we all know this is true. It’s one of those laws of the universe. But we are often conditioned to think the opposite. No wonder there is a poverty of faith and trust. Not religious faith, but the faith that the universe will bring us whatever we need, at the right moment in the right way. So start today –  give, give, give – time, energy, assistance, care, co-operation. On how many levels do you see the opportunity to give? It’s good to be a ‘just do it’ person. Even better to be a ‘just give it’ person. And the paradox will make itself known – when you give you will realize you already have everything you need.  Have a great week and Go Panthers!



DISCOUNT TICKETS: The first 20 students to sign up for each night can get their ticket for $5.

Friday, March 5th 7pm show, doors open at 6:30

Saturday, March 6th 7pm show, doors open at 6:30 

Masks required! 

Just bring the voucher or student ID if they misplace voucher and we can cross check the list if that happens  


20 seats available for each show 


KHSGSA: The GSA will have a meeting after school today at 3:30 pm in room 122. See you there! Reminder: the GSA is open to ALL students.

There will be a Boys Tennis organizational meeting on Thursday, March 4th at 3:30 in Room 159.

If you are a basketball Freshman and Sophomore you must leave the Junior/Senior side.  You now have until tomorrow to move or you will find your locker empty.  Attention all girls that are still in big lockers if you are not out for track or soccer you also have to get out and go to a small locker.  Tennis and Golf do not get big lockers unless I have extra.  Everyone needs to be moved by tomorrow or I'm moving you.  Thanks Douglas 

The Pepsi machine is now ON during the school day as it has healthy drinks available for purchase.

If you are in 8th-11th grade at Knoxville High School and have any interest in trying out for the dance team, send Coach Devin an e-mail at to get on her tryout information list! 

After school on Thursday, March 4th there will be a meeting for any boy interested in playing golf this season.  Meeting will be in the media center.

Reminder: no backpacks are allowed in the classrooms.  Please leave them in your locker.  If we find backpacks sitting in the hallways outside of classrooms during class time they will be picked up and taken to the office.  


Senior Recognition ads for the 2021 yearbook can be ordered and customized 


Don't forget to order your 2021 yearbook at the Jostens website.



Mon, Mar. 1        SP - Conference Festival @Bloomfield (Davis County High School), 11:30 AM (Sub: 10:00 AM)

Fri, Mar. 5           Musical, 7:00 PM

Sat, Mar. 6          FFA - Districts @Monroe (PCM High School), 9:00 AM (Sub: 8:00 AM)

                           Musical, 1:00 PM

                           Musical, 7:00 PM

Sun, Mar. 7        Musical, 2:00 PM


Crispito w/ Cheese Sauce, Baked Beans.  2nd Choice: Teriyaki Chicken w/ Rice.