Registration: New Students

Welcome to the Knoxville Community School District!

This page is for parents and guardians to enroll a brand new student in the district who does not already have siblings in the Knoxville Community School District.

A few helpful things for you to know - Infinite Campus is our student information system. You will use Infinite Campus to register your student and it will be helpful in a variety of ways once the school year begins. You will use Infinite Campus to check your student's grades, pay their registration fees, add lunch money to their account, and more!

Email to enroll your new student to Knoxville Community School District.

2021-22 Registration Fees & Pricing

Elementary Textbook/Software Fee

$50 per student
Middle School Textbook/Software Fee $60 per student
High School Textbook/Software Fee

$70 per student


Instrument Rental Fee

$20 per semester

KHS Vocal Robe Cleaning Fee

$15 per student

KHS Band Uniform Cleaning Fee

$35 per student


Student Activity Ticket


10 Punch Activity Pass


Adult Activity Ticket



Student Breakfast


Adult Breakfast


K-5 Student Lunch


6-12 Student Lunch


Adult Lunch