Gordon’s Coffee Connection Returns to Northstar Elementary

A sign reading "Gordon's Coffee Connection" is on an open door with eager students waiting inside.

A tradition from Anne Gullion’s Turtle Room has returned - Gordon’s Coffee Connection!

For the first time during the 2020-2021 school year, the student’s in Mrs. A. Gullion’s room were able to serve the Northstar staff coffee, juice, and other goodies. In non-COVID years, Gordon’s Coffee Connection is a pop up shop that occurs once a month. For those who do not have the pleasure of visiting, each student has a specific task assigned to them. First, a student greets you at the door with welcoming words. Next, you make your way up to the counter to place your order. Once your order is placed, eager hands are quick to serve your goodies. Of course you cannot forget to pay! Mr. Keitges recommends bringing coins to give students extra practice counting money. Lastly, customers are given good day wishes and are able to begin their day with a smile.

The idea for Gordon’s Coffee Connection came from a training that Mrs. Gullion, a special education teacher at Northstar, attended. During the course of the training, attendees were often reminded to visit the coffee shop during break times. The shop was run by students with autism who were also assisting with the conference. The idea stuck and was implemented at Northstar Elementary to serve staff. “This is a favorite activity for our students. They ask about it days in advance,” says Mrs. Gullion.

Where does the name Gordon come from, you ask? Gordon is the beloved turtle who lives in Mrs. Gullion’s room, thus the reason why the classroom is referred to as the “Turtle Room”. Gordon’s Coffee Connection will be open one last time during the 2020-2021 school year in May giving students another chance to practice their skills and get the taste of what it’s like to run a coffee shop.