5th Graders Improve Test Scores, Get to Shave Mr. Roozeboom’s Head

3 of Mr. Roozeboom's student work together to shave his head.

Mr. Roozeboom was sporting a new hairstyle for a week thanks to four students who showed improvement on their FAST testing. 

FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers) is given three times a year to students in grades K-8 to track progress and knowledge in reading and math. Mr. Roozeboom wanted to motivate his students to give the assessments their best effort so he proposed a challenge - the four students who showed the most improvement in the class would be able to give Mr. Roozeboom the hairstyle of their choice!

Dawson Gullion, Natalie Courtney, Pyper Smith, and Gabriella Geisken were up for the task and showed the most growth in the class. They worked together to think of the perfect haircut for Mr. Roozeboom and came up with the ultimate look. It is widely known by his students that Mr. Roozeboom despises pickles. When students are able to eat in the classroom, they will come back with a few extra pickles just to put on Mr. Roozeboom’s tray. So, the four students thought, why not put pickles on his head!?

Each took turns drawing pickle designs on his head, shaving off the excess hair, and then painting the remaining hair green. Mr. Roozeboom is pretty fearless when it comes to letting students determine his hairstyle. He has given past classes similar challenges but this is the first time he has had to sport pickle hair for a week. 

When it comes to why their test scores were improved all four students credited challenging themselves to read longer, and more challenging books. Natalie, Pyper and Gabriella have all either read books in the Harry Potter series or are in the process. Dawson prefers the Boxcar Children series.  Not only did they focus on reading but math as well. Practicing their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts assisted with their math scores. They also pointed out their morning practices which consist of Mr. Roozeboom teaching mini lessons that prepare them for upcoming, larger lessons. 

Natalie, Pyper, Gabriella and Dawson all agreed that Mr. Roozeboom makes the classroom environment exciting which helps them look forward to coming to school every day. All four, and the rest of the class, are up for the challenge once again in the spring when they take their last round of FAST. Mr. Roozeboom’s hair will once again be determined by those students who challenge themselves to improve their reading and math skills.