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Knoxville Panther Logo Registration Procedures

Non-District Groups/Vendors: activity groups that exist outside the umbrella of Knoxville Community School-sponsored activities.  KCSD may support the existence of these activities, but does not provide direct funding and is not officially offered through the district.  Some examples include:
-Knoxville youth basketball
-Knoxville youth soccer
-Knoxville youth football
-Knoxville youth baseball
-Knoxville youth softball

  • We value and appreciate these activities/groups and their relationship to KCSD.  The public must know and understand these groups are not directly sponsored by the District; therefore, the following statement must be included on any promotional items, print materials, website, etc.: 
    • This is not a Knoxville Community Schools-sponsored organization or activity. 
  • Vendors do business with these Non-District Affiliate Groups or are selling KCSD brand items to make profit.  
  • These groups will have access to a limited catalog of the KCSD logo suite.  
    • Non-District Groups/Vendors will have access to all logos in the KCSD Style Guide between pages 5 and through page 24.  

These groups wishing to use our brand, must complete the following steps: 

  1. Register your Non-District group/Vendor (this must be filled out annually)
  2. Vendors working with Non-District groups or using the KCSD brand to make a profit must pay a licensing fee of $100 yearly to use the KCSD brand.  
  3. Use and follow the official Knoxville Panther brand guidelines as outlined in the KCSD Style Guide.
    • Violation of terms and usage of the style guide will result in a group and/or vendor not being able to use the KCSD brand for one year.  
  4. Use the approved logos, colors, fonts, and styles on all apparel, promotional items, and any and all items using the Knoxville Panther brand.  Logos will be provided directly to vendors. 
  5. Groups must use vendors on the current Approved Vendor’s list.  
  6. Submit all designs to logo@kcsd.k12.ia.us 
    • The Logo Branding Committee will then review and approve/deny designs submitted prior to any project moving forward.

►Approved Non-District Affiliate Groups