District Goals


Ensuring a Culture of Excellence for Every Student.

Be a Leader in
21st Century Learning

IF we excel in student achievement:

  • Ensuring a progressive curriculum
  • Using multi-level interventions
  • Exceeding state average scores
  • Providing year-round learning
  • Increasing advanced options

IF we use technology effectively:

  • Collecting/analyzing & presenting data
  • Improving instruction
  • Increasing engagement
  • Providing additional opportunities
  • Enhancing the relevance for students

Authentic Learning
IF we emphasize authentic learning:

  • Engaging in meaningful projects
  • Incorporating career exploration
  • Identifying the purpose
  • Providing internship opportunities
  • Evaluating the level of rigor

Life Skills
IF we teach the importance of life skills:

  • Accepting personal responsibility
  • Being respectful
  • Taking ownership of learning
  • Providing internship opportunities
  • Stretching outside comfort level

THEN our students will:

  • Experience academic rigor at every grade
  • Know and use their own strengths
  • Balance academics and activities
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Demonstrate respect
  • Take ownership of life-long learning
  • Be adept problem solvers
  • Have skills to access and use technology
  • Take advantage of career exploration options
  • Graduate on time
  • Successfully engage in our community
  • Be prepared for post-secondary opportunities
  • Be sought by local employers
  • Possess high quality employability skills
  • Be competitive in a global market

Be a Caring

IF we communicate:

  • Transparently
  • Being respectful
  • Using multiple formats:
    face-to-face, phone calls, text, email,
    social media, local media, website

IF we value collaboration:

  • Among students, staff and parents
  • In professional development
  • With community partners
  • That strengthens families
  • To accomplish goals

Climate & Culture
IF we maintain a climate/culture that:

  • Feels welcoming & safe
  • Values honest feedback
  • Emphasizes consistency
  • Encourages Panther Pride
  • Inspires excellence

Climate & Culture
IF we support our community by:

  • Celebrating successes
  • Providing service learning
  • Partnering with local businesses
  • Sharing our facilities

THEN our students will:

  • Feel safe, comfortable & enjoy school
  • Be effective collaborators
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Have skills to create progressive goals
  • Have confidence to pursue their life goals
  • Be contributing members of a community
  • Understand a positive attitude is beneficial
  • Have a growth-mindset
  • Demonstrate teamwork
  • Promote Knoxville Schools & community
  • Have Panther Pride
  • Be well-informed individuals
  • Be respectful of diversity
  • Be persistent and resilient
  • Feel valued