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Knoxville Panther Logo Registration Procedures

District Affiliate Groups/Vendors: are activity groups associated with or sponsored by the Knoxville Community School District.  Some examples include:
-7-12 Parent groups
-7-12 Booster clubs
-7-12 Club/activity sponsors and parent representatives 
-7-12 Coaches and parent representatives 
-Elementary PTO

  • Vendors do business with these District Affiliate Groups. 
  • These entities wishing to use our brand, must complete the following steps: 
    1. Register your District Affiliate Group/Vendor (this must be filled out annually)
    2. Use and follow the official Knoxville Panther brand guidelines as outlined in the KCSD Style Guide
    3. Use the approved logos, colors, fonts, and styles on all apparel, promotional items, and any and all items using the Knoxville Panther brand.  Logos will be provided directly to vendors. 
    4. Groups must use vendors on the current Approved Vendor’s list.  
    5. Submit all designs to logo@kcsd.k12.ia.us 
      • The Logo Branding Committee will then review and approve/deny designs submitted prior to any project moving forward. 
  • District Affiliate Groups/Vendors will have access to all logos in the KCSD Style Guide up through page 42. 

Approved District Affiliate Groups