Nurse and Health Services

The Knoxville CSD health department works to supplement the efforts and guidance of parents/guardians to bring about an awareness on the part of students for regular health care by promoting good health habits among students, creating a sanitary, safe and healthful environment in school, and assisting in the identification and referral to appropriate health care providers for medical, psychological and physical needs.
  • Students are referred to the nurse or health associate when they are injured, show signs of an illness, or express the need for health care. 
  • Parents should ensure that current contact information is up-to-date in the student information system (Infinite Campus) so that they can be contacted quickly when their student needs care.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, the Knoxville CSD will render emergency aid and/or transportation to a medical facility as needed. Costs incurred are at the expense of the family. Every effort will be made to contact the family in such a situation. 
  • The school nurse may develop a Student Health List and/or a Health Care Action Plan from the health history form completed during the registration process. All information is confidential and is shared only on a need-to-know basis to appropriate school personnel. Alert the school nurse if you do not want your student’s medical information shared with appropriate school personnel.
  • The district provides periodic screenings for vision, hearing, and dental health. Lice screenings will be conducted when warranted. Parents are notified when problems are identified. Parents/guardians may opt students out of routine screenings.

KCSD provides school nurse services in all its school buildings. Health associates are in contact with the school nurse when she is not in the building. Please contact Haili McKeever, BSN, RN at 641-891-6016 with any questions or concerns.

Haili McKeever

School Nurse--All Schools

Erin Prevo

Associate - Health

Chelsea Swanson

Associate - Health

Tina Vande Kamp

Associate - Health

Sara Williams

Nurse-West Elementary