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KMS Announcements    Monday, September 18, 2017   Day 1

  • KMS Picture day will be on this Wednesday, September 20 – Picture packets for ordering are available in the office or at the communication corner. All students and staff will have their picture taken so that we will have a picture of you for the yearbook. Orders with money will need to be handed to the photographers on picture day.
  • We have had several students riding bikes to school.  We want to remind you of the expectations regarding bikes- bikes are to be walked from the bike rack to the intersection, and you are to walk your bike across the intersection when the traffic signal allows.  Students are not allowed to ride bikes from the bike rack to the stop light, as this is a safety concern with the heavy amount of traffic and buses coming in and out of the circle drive.  You are on school grounds and this is considered part of the school day, expectations still apply before and after school.  If you have any questions about this, see Mr. Keefer.
  • Our Panther Focus this week is on effort.  Without maximum effort, you are selling yourself short and not living up to your potential.  Take pride in what you do, and strive to be your best all the time.
  • We will have a PBIS raffle on Friday afternoon.  Prizes this week include a Panther backpack donated by the FFA program, a fish pass, and a pass to attend an athletic event free of charge.
  • Congratulations to our staff PBIS winners this week! Mrs. Willis – Jackie Moon; Mrs. Sass and Mr. Goemaat – Parking; Mrs. Parker and Mr. Uitermarkt – Jeans certificate.
  • The Knoxville Cancer Relay will happen soon – Orders for shirts will be passed out during Advisory today. Orders with money are due back to the office on Friday.
  • Intramural volleyball tournaments will start tomorrow at 7:45.


  • The Knoxville High School Cheerleaders are holding a Little Panther Cheer Clinic on Saturday, September 30 from 9-11 AM for students in grades K-8.  Registration forms are available at the office if you need one – they need to be returned to the KMS office no later than Wednesday, September 27. The Little Panther Cheerleaders will perform at the Homecoming Pep Rally Thursday, October 5. Please contact Tasha Boosalis or Kelli Keefer at the high school with any questions.
  • Good luck to the cross country team at their meet in Albia today. The bus will leave at 3:30.
  • Good Luck to our KMS volleyball teams today. The 8th grade will be playing at Newton and the 7th grade at home today.

Birthday – Sunday – Jacob Schakel                     Today – Mrs. Carlson

Lunch – Cheese Pizza or Bistro Chicken Sandwich, Strawberry Spinach Salad with Chicken and Pecans, or Uncrustable, steamed baby carrots, ranch, kiwi, fresh fruit and salad bar.



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Knoxville Middle School Syllabus

I would like to welcome back all returning students and parents in addition to all new students and families. Knoxville is a great place to live and learn.

Knoxville Middle School has a safe, caring, and consistent environment where students learn.
I want students and parents to feel that all staff in the building will do whatever it takes to make the best possible learning environment for their child.

This is accomplished with hard work and reflection on a daily basis with student needs in mind. When talking about student needs, you cannot stop at academic needs. Students need to be listened to, respected, shown compassion, and guided through decision making. This is especially true at the middle school level.

If we can make a connection with all students in some way, they are more likely to find that attachment and belonging to school so they are able to be successful. You never know when you are going to make those connections; therefore, a positive mindset is needed everyday you step in the building both as a teacher and a student.

Please contact your teacher or the office if we can assist you with questions.


Brian McNeill, Principal

KMS Guidance

What do we do as School Counselors?
According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), school counselors create comprehensive school counseling programs that focus on student outcomes, teach student competencies and are delivered with identified professional competencies.

For middle school students, this means the school counselor focuses on academic growth, personal social and emotional development, and future career readiness.  School counselors create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing areas of potential growth and change for their lives.

As the school counselors, we hold confidential sessions with the students, unless a student is threatening harm to themselves or others, or if someone is harming them.  We ask that you respect this private and professional relationship, although guardians do have the right to ask about sessions with minors.  This allows students to be open and honest with the school counselor.

Students are welcome to come see us at any time!  We also hope to talk with parents regularly about any interests or concerns they may have.

Our Mission
The mission of the Knoxville Middle School school counseling program is to help all students reach their full potential by increasing their academic knowledge and skills, encouraging the development of their personal and social skills, and sparking interest in future career potential.  Students are the assets of the future, and this program will support their growth and development to face future challenges alongside teachers, administration, parents, and the surrounding community.

Services Provided
Classroom Guidance (Life Skills)

Each grade level is required to take Life Skills.  A class taught by Mrs. Sass and Ms. Ellerman that covers academics, career exploration, and personal/social development.

Example Classroom Topics
Identity, respecting yourself and others, goal setting, identifying and expressing feelings, identifying strengths and interests, prevention

Small Group Counseling
Students can be recommended or request to join small group counseling on specific subjects.  These groups are typically 4-6 students of a similar age dealing with a similar situation.

Example Small Group Counseling Topics
Divorce, Making Friends, Anger, Grief, Self-Confidence, Study Skills, New to the School, Military

Individual Counseling
Students request or are recommended by a teacher or parent to meet with the school counselor on a scheduled basis for one-on-one counseling about specific needs.