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January 23, 2020  B-Day                       
                       PANTHER PRIDE FOCAL POINT
I read an interesting article the other day. It posed the question of what happens if you take a moldy piece of fruit and place it in a bowl with perfectly good fruit? In this scenario the mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit until the whole bowl is spoiled.  The point of this analogy is trying to make is that when you surround yourself with negative people, ideas, and situations for a prolonged period of time, they start to become you. While I do think that this is a valid point, it is not an absolute. It is just as likely that if the negative would be surrounded with enough positive, the positive would prevail.  A takeaway here is that when you find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts, ideas, or even people get yourself out of there and into a more positive space. Just a little food for thought…. Have a great week and GO PANTHERS!
  • There is a mandatory senior meeting on Thursday January, 23rd at 10:50 in the KPAC.
  • Please dismiss the Bowlers at 12:25 today.
  • ALL boys going out for soccer or track are strongly encouraged to do the voluntary running workouts that are posted in the locker room.  This includes boys who are currently in basketball and wrestling.
  • Do not forget to check you FlexiSched so you know where to report for panther time.  This also goes for juniors and seniors with open campus.  If you fail to report to where you are requested you will have to serve a lunch detention.
  • Spring Driver Ed forms are in the office if you are interested in signing up.
 Mon, Jan. 20      HS BD – Conference Honor Band @Bloomfield, 9:00 AM (Sub: 7:00 AM)
                            7/8 BBB v. Grandview Christian @Knoxville (Administration Building), 4:15 PM
                            MS WR – Knoxville Meet @Knoxville (High School), 4:30 PM
                               *Participating Schools: Knoxville, Southeast Warren, Winterset, ADM, Lynnville-Sully, Martensdale-St. Mary’s
                            JV2 GBB @Newton, 6:00 PM (Bus: 4:30 PM)
                            JV2/JV1 BBB @Newton, 6:00 PM (Bus: 4:30 PM)
Tue, Jan. 21        MS BD – Simpson Honor Band @Indianola, 9:00 AM (Sub: 8:00 AM)
                            V G/B BW @Pella, 3:30 PM (Bus: 2:20 PM)
                            7 BBB v. Oskaloosa @Knoxville (Middle School), 4:30 PM
                            8 BBB @Oskaloosa, 4:30 PM (Bus: 3:20 PM)
                            JV1/V G/V BBB @Pella, 4:45 PM (Bus: 3:35 PM/4:15 PM)
                            JV1/JV2 B/JV2 GBB @Pella, 4:45 PM (Bus: 3:35 PM/4:15 PM; Cheer Sub: 5:15 PM)
                            B SW v. Ames, Centerville @Indianola, 5:30 PM
Thu, Jan. 23        JV/V G/B BW v. Clarke @Monroe (Mustang Lanes), 2:00 PM (Bus: 12:40 PM)
                            8/7 BBB v. Albia @Knoxville (Middle School), 4:15 PM
                            B SW v. Grinnell, Newton, Oskaloosa @Indianola, 5:15 PM
                            JV/V WR @Colfax, 6:00 PM (Bus: 3:50 PM; Cheer Sub: 4:00 PM)
Fri, Jan. 24         G WR – State Meet @Waverly, 5:00 PM (Car: 11:00 AM)
                           JV1/V G/V BBB @Bloomfield, 5:00 PM (Bus: 2:45 PM/3:45 PM)
                           JV1/JV2 B/JV2 GBB @Bloomfield, 5:00 PM (Bus: 2:45 PM/3:45 PM)
Sat, Jan. 25        V WR @Colfax, 9:00 AM (Bus: 5:45 AM; Cheer Sub: 7:00 AM)
                           G WR – State Meet @Waverly, 9:00 AM
                           JV/V G/B BW v. Pella Christian @Monroe (Mustang Lanes), 10:00 AM (Bus: 8:40 AM)
                           LG SP – District Contest @Montezuma, 1:30 PM (Sub: 12:30 PM)
                           V G/B BB v. Chariton @Knoxville (High School), 6:15 PM
Future Ready Iowa Texting Program:  Iowa College Aid is preparing to launch the Future Ready Iowa Texting Program, which will provide support to college-bound students and access to one-on-one coaches.  Students who opt in to the program will receive tips and reminders about applying for college and financial aid and about making a smooth transition from high school to college. Iowa College Aid will customize text messages based on a student’s grade level and location. For instance, high school seniors might receive a reminder that a college fair is coming up at their school.  Students can opt in to the Future Ready Iowa Texting Program at

Iowa State Elks Association Vocational Grants (seniors going to 2 years training or less). under the ENF Scholarships tab.
MCEC Technical Scholarship Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Charitable Education Corporation.  For seniors enrolling in a mechanical or trade course of study at an accredited Iowa Community College.  See your counselor for an application.

Oct-Feb Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship.

FAFSA Completion Event:  Seniors and parents, now is the time to begin completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  To Create your FSA ID:  Go to to begin the process.
Use this link to see a list of needed items: FAFSA Items Checklist
To schedule an appointment for help with the FAFSA, please visit the ICAN site:
Silver Cord:
  • Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteers from March to help deliver meals around Knoxville!
  • Call Sheila or Martha for more information at 641-842-6070!
The deadline for Senior pictures and quotes for the yearbook has been extended to February 28.  The picture should be a high resolution jpeg. (No screenshots.) Send them to Mr. Massman.
Senior Parents– Senior Recognition Ads for the yearbook need to be in before March 31. Go to Click the “Shop High School” then “Senior recognition ads” links and create your ad.
Seniors, your cap and gown orders were due by December 1st.  If you haven’t ordered yet make sure you go online to order your packages, the later you wait the more expensive it is.
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. Mini Garlic Toast, Garden Salad, 2nd Choice: Turkey Sub.

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High School and Post-Secondary Planning

CTE – Program of Studies

Health and Medical Administrative Services

Administrative Assistant



Business Management-Administration

Construction Trades

Family & Consumer Science

2019-2020 Syllabus

Silver Cord Program

Knoxville High School is 9th-12th grade building with approximately 600 students.  The staff of Knoxville High School strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.  KHS is a 1 to 1  school where all students are issued an iPad to use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week during the school year.  The high school is located in Knoxville, which is located 35 miles southeast of Des Moines, and it is known as the Sprint Car Capital of the World.

Students attending KHS are required to graduate with 46 credits including eight credits in Language Arts and six each in Social Studies, Science, and Math.  KHS staff prides itself in providing students a wide range of opportunities to meet their academic interests and needs.  We also work very hard to provide students with opportunities to experience some of the most current trends in technology.

Knoxville High School provides students an opportunity to explore interests in several different areas such as our Construction Trades class partners with Habitat For Humanity each to build a home in the community, auto mechanics, welding, and various course in business, and family consumer science.    The Fine Arts Department rates high in state competition.  Vocal and Instrumental departments consistently receive Division I ratings in contests and the Art Department always has award winning artists.

In addition to providing our students opportunities to gain technical skills, KHS prides itself in continuing to provide students opportunities to receive college credit while attending high school. Students have college credit opportunities in Math, Business, Health Occupations, and Science.  DMACC has an evening presence in the building in which many high school students take advantage of.  Other students also have an opportunity to take advantage of Central College by taking classes on campus in Pella.

KHS has a wide variety of opportunities for student to get involved in extracurricular activities.   Boys have opportunities to participate in football, cross country, wrestling, basketball, bowling, swimming, track, tennis, soccer, golf, and baseball.  Girls can participate in volleyball, cross country, swimming, basketball, bowling, soccer, golf, tennis, and softball.   We also have opportunities for all students to participate other activities such as FFA, Debate, Marching Band, Vocal contests, Dance, Cheerleading, Student Leadership, Science Club, National Honor Society, Camera Club, and several other activities.

We continue to put our focus on communication with parents using the parent portal as part of the JMC student management system used in the district.  With a username and password, parents can get updates on student grades, attendance, and lunch account balances.  Sending an email to a teacher using the system is very simple.  In addition to JMC, we will provide parents information using our activities scheduling program at by selecting activities schedule and signing up to receive text message or email notifications of all schedule changes.

Please join us on Twitter at @KHS_Panthers where we will be providing current news and updates daily.  We also have a KHS Panthers Facebook page.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students.  Please feel free to come visit us.

Tracy Wilkins, Principal
Knoxville High School