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Knoxville High School Panther Note
April 18, 2019  B-Day
                            PANTHER PRIDE FOCAL POINT

Don’t know if you saw it this weekend, but Tiger Woods is BACK!!  Tiger won his 5th Master’s championship Sunday. It has been a staggering 14 years since the last time he won.  So some of you might ask what the big deal is… well, here’s why it is . When Tiger Woods first came on the scene, he was by far the most dominant athlete in their respective sport.  He was on pace to win more championships than anyone before. It wasn’t a question of IF, it was a question of WHEN. But… something happened. Some claim it was injuries, some claim it was personal, most would say it was for both reasons, but one thing was for sure.  Tiger no longer could golf. He couldn’t hit it long, he couldn’t putt, and he sure didn’t resemble the most dominant golfer of all time. Prior to this weekend most so-called experts said that he would never win another tournament and that he should save his dignity and just retire.  Most would have done that. Most would have cashed it in and called it quits. But here’s the thing… you can’t be great without the ability to overcome challenges. Each and everyone of us face our own challenges all the time. But there is one trait that often goes unheralded and it is the trait of RESILIENCE. Resilience is the ability to recover from difficulties, the capacity to bounce back from challenges. It is toughness. So please keep that in mind as you go through the remainder of the year.  There will be challenges, there will be obstacles, but don’t let them keep you down. Don’t let others tell you that you can’t. Be strong, be tough, be resilience. Have a great week panthers!

  • ATTENTION: We will be having school on Friday April 19th.  This is a snow make up day.  We will be having normal classes that day.  This will be an A-DAY.  Monday April 22nd will also be an A-DAY.
  • SENIORS:  Friday April 19th is the last day that Mrs. Keefer and Rhonda will take pictures for the senior video.  Please get them to them, or no senior video!  Thanks Rhonda!
  • Anyone interested in entering in the Marion County Fair Queen competition.  Pick up your applications in the office.  Applications are due May 3rd. 
  • Please dismiss the girls track team members at 2:15 today.  Bus leaves at 2:30.
  • There will be a softball parent/player meeting on Sunday, April 28th at 4:00 in the high school commons.
  • Anyone interested in trying out for Color Guard please see Mr. McCartney in the band room to pick up try out materials.  Try outs prep will be April 22nd – April 26th, 7 am- 7:50 am.  In the high school gym. Try outs will be April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd, 7am-7:35 am each morning in the high school gym.
  • Anyone interested in trying out for the dance team, please email Coach Dunkin to sign up. 
  • If you are interested in signing up for Summer Driver’s Ed pick up the registration forms in the office.
  • Order your 2019 yearbook today.  Follow the link to order.
Hospital Career Boot Camp: 
  • The KHC Career Boot Camp is intended for incoming high school seniors with an interest in healthcare and is a two-day event (July 22 & 23 2019) allowing for the observation of clinical (patient care) and non-clinical staff for education and development purposes.
  • The program allows students to follow and observe a healthcare professional while they carry out their responsibilities at KHC.
  • Students will rotate between departments and classroom setting to experience and hear from staff.
  • KHC reserves the right to deny an application.
  • If you are interested in this program please see Mr. Wallace in room #159 for an application.  Once the Application is filled out you can turn it back into Mr. Wallace.
  • The application must be completed, and all necessary forms returned by June 3, 2019 in order to ne considered fro this program.  A limited number of students (4-6) will be selected to participate in this program.


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Mon, Apr. 15       JV/V G TN @Pella Christian, 4:15 PM (Bus: 3:15 PM)
                           JV/V G GF @Pella, 4:15 PM (Sub: 3:15 PM)
                           B TR @Norwalk, 4:30 PM (Bus: 3:00 PM)
                           G TR @Bondurant, 4:45 PM (Bus: 2:55 PM)
                           V/JV G SC @Chariton, 5:30 PM (Bus: 4:15 PM)
                           State FFA Convention
Tue, Apr. 16       B GF @Van Meter (Winterset), 4:00 PM (Sub: 2:15 PM)
                          JV/V B TN v. Grinnell @Knoxville, 4:15 PM
                          MS G TR @Carlisle, 4:15 PM (Bus: 3:00 PM)
                          V/JV G SC @Fairfield, 4:30 PM (Bus: 2:30 PM)
                          JV/V B SC v. Fairfield @Knoxville, 5:30 PM
                          State FFA Convention
Thu, Apr. 18       V G GF @Oskaloosa, 1:00 PM (Sub: 11:45 AM)
                          JV/V B TN v. Davis County @Knoxville, 4:15 PM
                          JV/V G TN @Bloomfield, 4:15 PM (Bus: 2:25 PM)
                          MS G TR @Grinnell, 4:30 PM (Bus: 2:45 PM)
                          MS B TR – Panther Relays @Knoxville, 4:30 PM
* Participating Schools

Knoxville, Chariton, Indianola, Oskaloosa, Pella, Pleasantville, Grinnell,


                           G TR @Newton, 4:30 PM (Bus: 3:00 PM)
                           9/JV/V B SC @Adel, 4:30 PM (Bus: 2:45 PM)
                           8th Grade Washington DC Trip (April 18-21)
Fri, Apr. 19         V G TN – Knoxville Invitational @Knoxville, 11:00 AM
                             * Participating Schools

Knoxville, Centerville, Chariton, Clarke, Creston

Sat, Apr. 20         MS/HS TS @Newton


9th-12th Females interested in STEM careers:  Trailblazers is conference/networking event that focuses on increasing female representation in STEM-related careers by giving high school and college women an opportunity to explore STEM-related education and job options in an open, collaborative and fun setting. Corteva Agriscience is teaming up with Keyot to host the award-winning Trailblazers event in Des Moines.
List of scholarships due in April in order of deadline:
Volunteer Opportunity:
Knoxville West Ridge Nursing Home is very interested in having student volunteers come and spend time conversing or playing games with residents in the evenings or Saturdays.  Please contact Lexi at 641-842-2187.
Volunteer Opportunity:  Marion County Little League is looking for volunteers in the concession stand. They will have two shifts 4-6:30pm  and 6:30-9pm.   You can call Rachel Garner at 641-891-0516 for details.


Oven Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, Crinkle Cut Carrots, Rice Krispie Bar, 2nd Choice all week=Cheese Pizza.

Welcome to Knoxville High School

Knoxville High School is 9th-12th grade building with approximately 600 students.  The staff of Knoxville High School strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.  KHS is a 1 to 1 laptop school where all students are issued a Macintosh Laptop to use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week during the school year.  The high school is located in Knoxville, which is located 35 miles southeast of Des Moines, and it is known as the Sprint Car Capital of the World.

Students attending KHS are required to graduate with 46 credits including eight credits in Language Arts and six each in Social Studies, Science, and Math.  KHS staff prides itself in providing students a wide range of opportunities to meet their academic interests and needs.  We also work very hard to provide students with opportunities to experience some of the most current trends in technology.

Knoxville High School provides students an opportunity to explore interests in several different areas such as our Construction Trades class partners with Habitat For Humanity each to build a home in the community, auto mechanics, welding, and various course in business, and family consumer science.    The Fine Arts Department rates high in state competition.  Vocal and Instrumental departments consistently receive Division I ratings in contests and the Art Department always has award winning artists.

In addition to providing our students opportunities to gain technical skills, KHS prides itself in continuing to provide students opportunities to receive college credit while attending high school. Students have college credit opportunities in Math, Business, Health Occupations, and Science.  DMACC has an evening presence in the building in which many high school students take advantage of.  Other students also have an opportunity to take advantage of Central College by taking classes on campus in Pella.

KHS has a wide variety of opportunities for student to get involved in extracurricular activities.   Boys have opportunities to participate in football, cross country, wrestling, basketball, bowling, swimming, track, tennis, soccer, golf, and baseball.  Girls can participate in volleyball, cross country, swimming, basketball, bowling, soccer, golf, tennis, and softball.   We also have opportunities for all students to participate other activities such as FFA, Debate, Marching Band, Vocal contests, Dance, Cheerleading, Student Leadership, Science Club, National Honor Society, Camera Club, and several other activities.

We continue to put our focus on communication with parents using the parent portal as part of the JMC student management system used in the district.  With a username and password, parents can get updates on student grades, attendance, and lunch account balances.  Sending an email to a teacher using the system is very simple.  In addition to JMC, we will provide parents information using our activities scheduling program at by selecting activities schedule and signing up to receive text message or email notifications of all schedule changes.

Please join us on Twitter at @KHS_Panthers where we will be providing current news and updates daily.  We also have a KHS Panthers Facebook page.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students.  Please feel free to come visit us.

Tracy Wilkins, Principal
Knoxville High School

KHS Building Information

Regular Monday Late Start  Schedule

First Block…………………………………10:00-11:00
Lunch/Panther Time (PT)…………..11:00-11:58
1st Lunch……..11:00-11:28 (PT 11:30-11:58)
2nd Lunch……11:30-11:58 (PT 11:00-11:28)
Second Block………………………………12:03-1:03
Third Block……………………………………1:09-2:09
Fourth Block………………………………..2:15–3:15


2 hour Early Dismissal

First Block………………………………..8:05-9:13
Second Block……………………………9:19-10:27
Third Block………………………………10:33-11:41
Fourth Block…………………………….11:47-12:55

Regular Tuesday-Friday Schedule

First Block………………………………….8:05-9:30
Second Block………………………………9:46-11:11
Lunch/Panther Time (PT)……………11:11-12:11

1st Lunch……..11:11-11:41 (PT 11:41-12:11)
2nd Lunch……..11:41-12:11 (PT 11:11-11:41)
Third Block………………………..12:18-1:43
Fourth Block……………..…….…..1:50-3:15


Staff Directory

High School and Post-Secondary Planning

2019-2020 Syllabus

CTE – Program of Studies